So you have come to my page i see.
This page isnt all pizzazzi. I can build a really nice page
but all i am trying to accomplish with this one is displaying my code
Now before you start please realize i suck at crypto.
cuz i suck so i bad i figured i could encrypt better then i could decrypt.
if you find something wrong with the puzzle please let me know!

btw this is only my first version that no one has tried yet, and i will be sure to put everyones
name down on this page who finishs it.

email me at
and tell me how things are going...

anyways, enough of my rambling here is the file!! I call it "DontCheat" i dunno why
i just do :-P

PS: Dont forget to read and reread this page to get all the clues you will need for this puzzle.

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Thanks to MaxieZ for his utilities and Giezr for the idea and Elonka for beta testing it!